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Introducing the next generation of I-MODEL. The I-MODEL Aura is the first lamp of this category
to combine two LED light sources in one fixture: down-facing work-light is complemented
by the new source of ambient-light at the top.

Craft & Design Gallery

Craft & Design Gallery is where you’ll find handcrafted interior and lighting,
first-class materials and the expertise straight from the source.

Introducing: DONYA Universe

DONYA means the world. From the initial idea for the DONYA collection
there was never meant to be just one but a universe of lighting that continually
evolves and offers infinite combinations.


Born out of a functional need to utilise the materials that were simply too good to be thrown away.
The very first I-MODEL, was made by mindful design, appreciation for quality and innovative nature
of Arash Nourinejad, architect and founder of ANOUR.

Anour is Farsi and it means Light.
We combine the knowledge of craftmanship from generations of Danish design traditions with the latest LED technology.

Contemporary lighting
inspired by tradition

“Ultimately, I aspire to achieve perfection in my work. Despite my experience as a manufacturer, architect and designer, I am constantly exploring new ways to refine and elevate our products and processes. Like most of the great designers of the past, I find pleasure in refining the details of the product, so the joints become the ornaments of the design.”

– Arash Nourinejad, Architect and founder of ANOUR

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The label stands for the highest level of craftsmanship, and continuing in the footsteps of Danish design traditions. Each piece is made in Denmark with a focus on sustainability in design, production and technology. Individually tailored for each customer.

ANOUR x Brdr. Krüger


Introducing: I-MODEL Aura

Introducing: I-MODEL Aura

Since the first introduction, a continuous drive to experiment and curiosity that is embedded in the ANOUR’s DNA has taken the original I-MODEL design even further, creating a new version of the lamp that is beyond perfection: the I-MODEL Aura.

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Design Favourite 2023 Award

Design Favourite 2023 Award

Vote for I-MODEL in Design Favourite 2023 by Bo Bedre & Bolig Magasinet until April 17th for a chance to win gift vouchers in total value of DKK 25,000.

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Modern Luxury & Mindful Design

Modern Luxury & Mindful Design

Aurora Lounge – private members lounge by Office Club, located in a listed Harsdorffs Hus in the heart of Copenhagen. The interiors curated by Vibeke Krogh emphasize the beauty of the original features and blend immaculately with the contemporary design

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