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Wall Lamps

Our selection of high-quality wall lighting features gentle difused light that is made for both professional and residental spaces. ANOUR lighting is individually surface treated, resulting in a finely structured surface. All handcrafted in Denmark.

Setting the mood

Lighting plays in important role in our lives and it influences the way we percieve a certain space, even our mood. This is why it is important to choose the right model. The beauty of our lighting lies in their tactile approach, unique surface and subtle colour palette that does not impose on the space.⁠

At ANOUR we don’t simply make lamps. We challenge the design and work with the light in a sculptural manner. It’s all about the details and bespoke craftsmanship.

Nothing completes your home like great lighting. Our selection of wall lighting and soft ambient lighting gives character, while the surface of the product highlights the room’s architectural features – making a striking statement. Our design and production have the highest level of craftsmanship and each piece is made with a strong focus on sustainability and technology.

Our products are individually surface treated so we can ensure the highest level of quality and a finely structured surface, which makes every lamp unique and one of a kind.⁠

Depending on the architecture, interior and style preference, our selection of wall lighting is made to be versatile and can be used as as centre piece and a focal point of any corner.

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