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Photo Credits: Frame Studio



Step into the Frame Studio’s kitchen, where functionality meets aesthetic beauty. The dance of steel with marble creates a symphony of design that elevates the culinary space to a realm of timeless elegance and modern sophistication.

At the heart of this stunning project is the I-MODEL Cord lamp, an embodiment of lighting excellence. Its presence is both subtle and striking, a seamless addition that complements the sleek steel features and the intricate patterns of the polished marble.

Featured in the project

I-Model Cord

I-MODEL Cord in Browned Copper



Frame Studio’s kitchen transcends the traditional — it’s a space of visual exploration, a tribute to the finesse of design, and a constant reminder that beauty lies in the details. It’s a place where daily culinary adventures are set against a harmonious backdrop, where every meal prepared is an event, and every moment is immersed in the kitchen’s unique ambiance

I-MODEL Cord lamp above the kitchen counter is not merely functional; it’s an integral component that radiates warmth, inviting a closer look at the kitchen’s artful composition.

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