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I-Model Cord

Rusted Steel

19.999,00 DKK30.999,00 DKK

Born out of a functional need to utilise the materials that were simply too good to be thrown away. The very first I-MODEL, was made by mindful design, appreciation for quality and innovative nature of Arash Nourinejad, architect and founder of ANOUR.
I-MODEL Cord pendant spreads good light without interfering with the view. The striking yet minimal design makes it a perfect choice over a kitchen island. The cord is available in four classic colours to compliment the variety of surfaces.

Please check Installation Manual to see if your space is compatible with Cord or Cordless option.

Installation Manual

Custom size (optional)

Custom sizes are available in 5cm intervals and with a fee of 10%. To continue, select the closest size up from the above standard size options, tick the box and type your size in the comment section

Custom wire (optional)

Custom wire placement is available with an extra fee of 10%. To continue, check the box, and type your preffered distance between the wires in the comment section.

Select Cord Colour

With Standard Built-in Dimmer, Casambi, and TRIAC, the cord is 3-phased. For other dimming types, a 5-phased cord is supplied.

Select Dimming External dimming options

Select Light colour

Extra (optional)

Ceiling Rosette (optional)

The product comes as a standard without the rosette. Optionally, add a rosette in your choice of design: with a backplate for stability or a minimalist no-backplate style. Available finishes are Brushed Brass, Browned Brass, Brushed Stainless Steel, and Brushed or Browned Copper.

Select Surface

Lead time: 8-10 weeks

Our products are made to order. The materials have been carefully chosen to create this unique piece. Please note that it cannot be exchanged or returned. If you choose any options that aren't standard, the standard ones won't be included anymore.

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I-Model Cordless

I-Model Cord

The very first I-MODEL, was made by mindful design, appreciation for quality and innovative nature of Arash Nourinejad, architect and founder of ANOUR. To this day, the brand stays true to those values crafting all of its products with the same passion, always in Denmark, while the
I-MODEL turned into a true icon.
I-Model Cord

The Origin Story

From the original I-MODEL design, to the current evolving collection, ANOUR has never ceased to surprise and enchant - redefining simplicity with its mesmerizing surfaces. Crafting lighting that embodies modern luxury. A luxury that comes from the obsession with quality and a passion for design.

Crafted with precision

Crafted with Precision

Under the surface, I-MODEL conceals a dimension involving the best LED technology, impeccable structure - and craft. Each lamp is assembled by hand, with every element fine tuned approaching the precision of high jewelry.

Product Details


I-Model is available in 2 different versions, with cord or cordless and in different materials and with different surface treatments. It also have an integrated touch dimmer located on the lamp to adjust the light intensity.



Lead Time

8-10 weeks




H:5,3cm x W:3,5cm L: Available in 100cm, 150cm, 200cm, 250cm, 300cm. For custom sizes feel free to contact us.


CE (230V)

Dimmer Compatibility

Available Dimming options: Touch Dimmer on the lamp, DALI, PUSH Dim, 1 - 10 Volt Dimming, Casambi, TRIAC


Product - 3,3kg*
package Weight - 4,5kg*

*Approximate values

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