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Browned Copper

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The I-MODEL Aura is the first lamp of this category to combine two LED light sources in one fixture: down-facing work-light is complemented by the new source of ambient-light at the top. Designed with kitchen islands or higher workspaces in mind, with the I-MODEL Aura there is no need for ceiling spots or other types of additional lighting. The new I-MODEL Aura provides dual functionality, with less installation, less clutter – and a greater visual impact of a clean and elegant space aesthetics. Depending on your ceiling type, the I-MODEL Aura can be installed with or without the visible driver.

Installation Manual

Installation Manual Dropped Ceiling

Custom size (optional)

Custom sizes are available in 5cm intervals and with a fee of 10%. To continue, select the closest size up from the above standard size options, tick the box and type your size in the comment section

Custom wire (optional)

Custom wire placement is available with an extra fee of 10%. To continue, check the box, and type your preffered distance between the wires in the comment section.

Select Installation

If the Visible Driver option is selected, please note that TRIAC Dimming is limited to 100cm and 150cm sizes. For larger sizes, it is only available with a Dropped Ceiling installation.

Select External Dimming Dimming options

External control and dimming only, no control on the lamp itself. Paired dimming options control both up and down lights together. For separate control of each light, choose the Casambi option

Select Light colour

Extra (optional)

Lead time: 10 weeks

Our products are made to order. The materials have been carefully chosen to create this unique piece. Please note that it cannot be exchanged or returned. If you choose any options that aren't standard, the standard ones won't be included anymore.


Since the first introduction, a continuous drive to experiment and curiosity that is embedded in the ANOUR’s DNA has taken the original I-MODEL design even further, creating a new version of the lamp that is beyond perfection: the I-MODEL Aura.

The Origin Story

Designed over 10 years ago, the original I-MODEL Cordless pendant with its iconic minimal silhouette and high-quality LED technology, became a staple for ANOUR. Perfectly embodying the brand’s vision of “re-introducing the value of simplicity”, the pendant lamp has been appreciated by the design connoisseurs worldwide, in both commercial and residential spaces.

Crafted with precision

Crafted with Precision

Under the surface, I-MODEL Aura conceals a dimension involving the best LED technology, impeccable structure - and craft. Each lamp is assembled by hand, with every element fine tuned approaching the precision of high jewelry.

Product Details



Lead Time

10 weeks




H:5,3cm x W:3,5cm L: Available in 100cm, 150cm, 200cm, 250cm, 300cm. For custom sizes feel free to contact us.


CE (230V)

Dimmer Compatibility

Available for: DALI Dimming, PUSH DIM, 1-10 Volt Dimming, Casambi Dimming, Casambi Control Panel, Casambi Push Button Interface, TRIAC Dimming


Product - 3,3kg*
Package Weight - 4,5kg*
*Approximate values

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